کیتCeliac Disease

CD-TYPE Kit for determination of the genetic predisposition for Celiac Disease This kit allows fast genotyping of the loci DQA1,... View Article

کیتReverse Line Blot

 AB-THROMBO TYPE PLUS Kit for detection of the mutations most commonly associated with thrombosis by allele-specific reverse hybridization Assayed mutations:... View Article

کیتReal_Time PCR

RS-FACTOR V Leiden Kit for detection and genotyping of the G1691A mutation (Leiden) in the human gene coding for Coagulation... View Article


 BCR-ABL p210 REFERENCE RNA reference for molecular assays for detection and/or quantification of BCR-ABL p210 transcript BCR-ABL p210 REFERENCE Catalog... View Article

کیتReal-Time PCR

RQ-BCR-ABL p210 One-Step Kit for detection and quantification of translocation t(9;22)(q34;q11), in variant p210 (transcripts M-bcr b3a2 e b2a2), by... View Article